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After the Welsh room, we headed up to the 36th floor of the Cathedral of Learning.  From there, we had the opportunity to get some incredible views of the Pittsburgh area, which we took advantage of.


Considering I have a pretty severe fear of heights, I even amazed myself with being the one taking the pictures.  Maybe I was fine because the windows were not that big and I didn’t feel like I was going to be sucked out to my death.


Regardless, I was thrilled to be able to enjoy the view.  Small steps my friends, small steps.

Lesson for church: Small steps. We can’t expect huge changes in the church. Change is not the norm in church. It’s an institution and institutions don’t change on their own or willingly.  The church has a culture and cultures don’t like to change either.  There has to be a good reason to change – you can’t just change for change’s sake.  There’s no purpose to that.  But we can and should change in order to better carry out the mission of God.  Any step in that direction is a step forward.