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I wonder.

I wonder if we have things mixed up.

So often we are so concerned with what others think and believe.  We fight against each other over the right words, and orthodoxy of belief – whether it is in politics or religion. We make arguments that focus on reason and logic – or so we think.  All of these words in an effort to change someone else’s mind.

Yet, I’m not so sure you can change a mind on its own.

I wonder if it would make more sense to touch someone’s heart.  When we touch a heart, it personalizes the situation.  The mind is often concerned with the ideas, the dreams, the analytical, the details, the materials.  The stuff.

The heart deals with things that have no words, yet speak to us in ways we can’t describe.

Speaking to the heart of someone is showing respect, dignity, grace, mercy, forgiveness, care, and love.

But like the mind, the heart should not be by itself.  One impacts the other.  If what we communicate doesn’t travel between heart and head, then we aren’t really impacting that person at all.  We’re just concerned with be right – a concern about ourselves.

And that’s not the point is it?

I wonder.  What would it be like to communicate in such a way that gets to the heart and the head?

I wonder.