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As we left the Cathedral of Learning, we took one last view of this incredible building that houses culture and learning.


There’s a ton in the building.  I couldn’t help by wonder – does it get a lot of visitors?  I hope so.

Do people actually appreciate the different cultures?  The different languages of those cultures?  The long histories of these nations and peoples?  I have no idea.


Of course we can’t make people care.  Spending our time forcing people to care is a waste of time.  The only ones we have real influence over is ourselves.  And even then, sometimes I wonder.  Forcing people to appreciate culture only makes many people have a negative reaction.  But invitation usually has a better effect.

Lesson for church: I heard a preacher on the radio this past Sunday talk about change starting in people through their heads.  I think that’s bogus.  Want people to change – reach them at their heart level.  Look at the current environment in politics – all of the talking is directed at the head.  And the reaction – we have two sides that are farther apart now than they have been in awhile.  Let’s not be like politics.  We’re in the heart business church.  Touch the heart and it will impact the head.