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There are many people who argue that the purpose of life is to be happy.

I say that’s a bunch of bull.

Happiness is a fleeting emotion.  It comes and goes.  If our purpose in life is to be happy, then we will miss out on experiencing the fullness of life and life’s emotions.

There are times when we should be sad, angry, and a host of other things.  There are appropriate times for these things.  And they are not bad all the time.  They are a part of life.

I think there are more important things in life than being happy.

That’s not to say that happiness isn’t a good thing – it is.  Who doesn’t like to be happy anyway?  But to base one’s entire purpose in life on being happy?  Well, that just seems lacking the full experience of life.

Maybe some better options would be joy or contentment.  These are states of being.  You can experience sadness, yet still have joy.

Maybe the purpose of life goes beyond emotions and feelings.

Maybe it goes beyond states of being too.

Maybe the purpose of life is to live it as fully as we can.  Maybe the purpose of life has more to do with relationships – to God, to others, to self, and to the rest of creation.

Maybe the purpose of life is more than just seeking an emotion that comes and goes.