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America is a culture of noise.  Noise and anxiety.  So often we pump the noise and anxiety willingly into our lives.  We keep within reach, like a blanket.  I half wonder if we think we would be bored without the noise and anxiety.

We see it in our politics.  There is an issue that “needs” to be addressed right now – an emergency we are told.  The president does something – it gets covered breathlessly and commented on, and criticized.  The president reacts breathlessly to his opponents, goes on Twitter and it gets covered breathlessly. And the cycle continues.

We’re out of breath.  No wonder it feels like we are suffocating.  We are. We don’t seem to realize that we need to breathe.  It’s almost like we are hyperventilating and we don’t know how to stop.

But if we wait for someone else to stop, to be silent, to breathe, we will be waiting forever.

Today I encourage you to stop, to be silent, to breathe.  I encourage you to pray.  If you can’t bring yourself to pray for your enemies and opponents, then I would encourage you to pray for your family, your friends, your religious leaders.  Pray for you coworkers, your boss.  Pray for yourself.

Even better, pray with someone else.  Then live out the prayer.