What is the fascination with fighting?

Our entertainment is oriented towards fighting, so is our comedy.  Our sports certainly are.  So is our politics.

We fight for causes.  We fight over people.  We fight over money.   We fight for power.

We fight for rights and freedoms.  We fight against tyranny.  We fight against heresies.  We fight against enemies.  We fight against those who would kill us.  We fight to preserve a way of life.

And so do the people we fight against.

We fight.

It seems as though one of the few guarantees in life if fighting.  But why?

Why must we fight?  Why is this the way of things?  Why is this often the only option?

Fighting means there is brokenness.  And we respond to the brokenness by braking things even further – often to the point of never being repairable.

Fighting means there is hard-heartedness.  And we respond to the hard-heartedness by make our hearts even harder and colder – a terminal case of heart disease.

Fighting means there is an us and them.  And we respond to them by pushing them further away from us.  Making sure we have defined who is in and who is out.

Fighting means that truth must be protected. Why, is it fragile?  Will truth not alway prevail, even if no one wants to see it for what it is?  And we respond to an assault on truth by lying to ourselves about our enemies.


There is another way.  But often, we never give it a chance.  We’re too busy fighting about it.