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I’m sure you saw the story about the President’s accusation about the former President wiretapping one of his buildings. I’m not going to talk about the political aspect of it – it’s just a bit too bizarre to make sense of, in my opinion.

But I want to ask you this question.  What if you were wiretapped?  Maybe you have been.  Would anyone find anything incriminating about you?  Would there be anything embarrising about yourself or someone else?

Someone once said that character is what you do when no one is watching.  I guess we could update that to include no one recording or wire tapping you either.

I know of churches that put the fear of God in their people with a notion that God is not only wiretapping everything they do, but also has the security cameras rolling, and an elite team of stealth spies watching everything that you do.  No escape!  And boy these churches are great at making people fear God.

The problem with this (actually there are many problems with this), is that it’s all about the Law.  You have to do this and avoid that.  Where’s grace?  Where’s God’s action?  Where is forgiveness and mercy?  No where to be found – there isn’t room when fear if in the air.

This doesn’t mean that the Law should be gotten rid of.  It’s just that it’s there for a different purpose.

My internship supervisor gave me great advice when it came to preaching Law and Gospel – advice that was given to him.  We are to afflict the comfortable with the Law and comfort the afflicted with Gospel.  That about sums it up nicely.  There’s a combination of the two – and yes, sometime you’ll go heavy on one and light on the other.  But the two remain.

Instead of thinking about God wiretapping us in order to find out something terrible that we are doing.  Maybe we could think of God a bit differently.  Maybe God’s like the repair man who comes to our house – he comes in, sees what’s going on, fixes and repairs things.  And more though – not like a typical repair guy.  No God does more than just fix things and offer suggestions.  In this case, God goes around your house, moving furniture, getting rid of stuff that God deems as detrimental to our wellbeing, moving in new stuff, and changing everything up.  We often complain about this, even to the point of trying to stop God, but we soon find out that God’s rearrangement of our house makes more sense – maybe we find out years later, maybe never at all.  At any rate, when we finally give up trying to arrange the house the way we like it, and go with God’s way, it’s when we have trust – trust that it is all in God’s hands, because it’s all God’s anyway.  So why wouldn’t God know what the best arrangement is anyway.