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Want to fix what’s wrong with the country.  I have a solution.  We just had a snow storm with at least a foot of snow.  And I think this might be the solution for “fixing” the country.  Yes – snow.  Of all the solutions for the country, I bet you never saw this coming.  I bet you were thinking about some great policy initiative, or electing some great politician or leader, or something of that nature.  Nope – snow is the answer.  Here’s why:

We live in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA.  Monday night into Tuesday morning we were hit with a nice snow storm that dropped over a foot of snow.  Schools were closed.  Things were delayed.  And inevitably, people started to come out of their homes to start shoveling and clearing out their walkways, sidewalks, and driveways.  Neighbors help each other, greet each other, show appreciation, and stop and talk with each other.  It’s a time to catch up and meet people we haven’t had the chance to meet before.

Doesn’t sound much like a solution, does it?  Well, here’s the thing.  As I cleared out my driveway, I watched as people helped each other – people who not so long ago were divided politically between Trump and Clinton supporters.  And here they were, setting all that aside to help one another out – joyfully too.

When it comes down to it, I don’t think the problems we face in this country have much to do with policy.  Sure, policy impacts people – make no mistake about that.  But that’s not the root of the problems – that’s more of a symptom.  I think if we dig down deeper we’d see the real problem.  We have a habit of not trusting one another.  And so, we treat each other less than we should.

But throw in a snow storm and see how much people change.  We break down barriers because we have a common cause.  We express gratitude because we recognize that we can’t go it alone.  We talk with people, even people we don’t like, because we see their humanity and how much they are just like us.

No policy and no leader can bring this kind of change.  There isn’t a speech or a slogan that can do it.  Nope, just regular life mixed with nature.  Imagine that.  And yet, there are so many that think that politics is the solution.  Maybe it’s more of a problem than a solution.  Snow, now that’s the solution.