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The amazing thing about Longwood Gardens is the beauty – unique beauty that you just don’t see anywhere else.


As someone who is colorblind to a certain degree, I know I miss out on some of the beauty.  But really, there is so much beauty and color, I don’t feel like I’m missing much – I’m getting the full effect.


And I see the detail.


And it all comes together so nicely.


Lesson for church: I think we do a disservice to ourselves and those we serve when we focus on the “non-profit” part of who we are.  Here’s what I mean by this – “Non-profit” for many people means done with few to no resources and just getting by.  That’s not what it is at all – that’s just crappy.  The church can do things, do them well, and do them in an over abundance.  You know, kind of like how we receive grace, mercy, love, and peace from God.