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Aren’t we tired?  Tired of war?  Tired of the mother of all bombs?  As if the mother of all bombs will actually bring peace.  It won’t.

Aren’t we tired of the killing.  Tired of the killing of a Muslim judge who was found a couple of weeks ago?  Killed because she was Muslim.  What was the point of killing this woman?

I’m tired of the irrationality.  I’m tired of knee-jerk judgements.  I’m tired of people being afraid and anxious.  I’m tired of people being upset at a whole group of people, just because. I’m tired of the scapegoating.  Aren’t you?

I’m tired of people being afraid of “others” without even knowing anyone who fits into the “other” group – ever, in your life.

Or anyone in any other group for that matter.

Get out.  Live a bit.  Travel.  Go to a foreign culture and spend time there.  Learn the language.  When you learn a foreign language in a foreign culture, you learn a great deal about other people.

Go to a religious service of another religion.  Do it just once.  Not to be converted or to convert someone, but simply for educational purposes. Do it see that these are human beings.

To see that these aren’t “others,” they are people, just like you and me.

I’m tired of people deciding that they are better than other people.  I’m tired of the dehumanization that goes on that makes it alright to kill other people.  We should have to tell the families of those we kill what we did.  We should tell the families of those we dehumanize what we are doing and why.  I imagine the killing and dehumanizing would end pretty quickly.  This should be a human law – applies to everyone.

Bigger bombs don’t get bigger results.  They just create more damage and death and anger and violence and revenge.  More of the same crap that humanity has been doing to each other since Cain killed Abel.  How long until we have an even bigger bomb?   And what’s the point?  So we can kill more of “them?”

Great.  Then they get mad and go after us and kill more of us.  Then we kill more of them.  Then they kill more of us.  Then we kill more of them.  Then they kill more of us.  Etc.

Anyone tired of this ride?  It’s insanity.  Literally.  Humanity has been doing this so long we think it’s normal.

I’m curious – if someone dropped a bomb on us, all in the name of getting rid of “bad guys”, how would we react?  How would we feel about that?

Oh that’s right, we’re the good guys.  Self-defined good guys…just like the people we kill.

Do you think we’d be all in support of it because this foreign power was going after what they are labeling as bad guys?  Or would we be at least a little worried that some foreign nation stepped all over our sovereignty to bomb our land with the mother of all bombs. How do you think we’d respond?

When will it end?  Aren’t we tired of doing this?  Aren’t we tired?