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I’m back to posting about our trip to Philadelphia in January.  We were stopped by the Eastern State Penitentiary.  Let’s just say that it was incredible.

Once you pay for the audio self-guided tour, you get to wander freely about the grounds.  We spent about two hours doing just that and really enjoyed it.

First stop, a visual history of how the cell block changed over the years.


Can you imagine being in a cell like this?  And this being your door…


Of course, maybe that’s better than this option:


Inmates were brought in through the outer entrance.  These little doors were where they would receive food and be checked on.  Inmates were in a cell by themselves and had to remain silent.  Even the guards were said to wear socks over their shoes so that they would be silent while going down the hall.  The inmates had access to an outer cell where they could see the sky.  The point at the time was to give inmates the time to contemplate what it means to be good.  The reality is that many inmates went insane because of the lack of human contact.