I can’t tell you how many articles I have seen that include the word “hacking” in them.  It’s the idea that you can do a short cut to something and expect to get some kind of great result.

Lately, there have been plenty of articles about life hacking – doing things that make your life great, but done in such a way that you are cutting out steps – saving you time or money or energy, or something else.

Here’s the thing – it’s a lie.  It’s a lie that you can life hack.  It’s a lie if you think you can cheat life by cutting corners and expect to be wildly successful.

Anything worth doing isn’t done by cutting corners.

Sure, you could cut corners on parts of your life, but the only one you are really cheating is yourself.  You could cut corners and save yourself the hardship of hurt feelings, sadness, loneliness, anger, and other negative emotions, but then would you really enjoy and appreciate all the good emotions that come with true success?  Would you really appreciate the joy? Should we even be trying to avoid all of those “bad” emotions really?  Aren’t they a part of what it means to be human?

You can life hack, but if you get what you want, will it really be what you want since you didn’t put in the time, yourself, or anything else that goes with it?  Will it have the same value, or will it be disposable, like most things in our culture?

If you put in very little, you’ll get get very little out of that same thing, relationship, person, profession, money, etc.

If you feel like you have to life hack to get something, I’m going to offer a suggestion – you really don’t want it that bad.  Maybe you should spend some time looking in the mirror and asking yourself why you want it and what you are willing to pay to get it.  Anything worthwhile has a high price.  And there are no shortcuts.