Here’s a simple observation – ok, maybe not so simple.

Life is like a path that we are on.  Although it’s not a nice path all the time.  Usually the path is a bit rocky and not smooth.  Sometimes it requires that we keep our head down so we don’t fall over from tripping on something.  And often the path has some thick fog which prevents us from seeing where the path is going or that the path might change directions all of a sudden or, God forbid, end.

We each go along a path though.  They are paths that God walks along with us.  But there’s a nice thing about that.  When we walk with God, or rather, when God walks with us, we get these nice little directional signals from time to time – not always, and not even when we need them sometimes.

Yet, far too often we tell God “Yeah, but I want to go this way instead,” as if we know the way the path is going.  And often God responds by saying, “Ok, but you’re not going to like that direction.  But I’ll walk along with you anyway, just so you aren’t going it alone.  Often we see someone else’s path along side our own and think how wonderful their path is – oh boy, if only our path were like their path.  We need to get on their path.  They seem to have this path thing down pretty good.  Yet God taps us on the shoulder and says – “Yeah, but that’s their path, you aren’t them.  I made you to be you.  Let’s continue on this path, it’s far better for you.”

And then we choose – do we respond to God’s call and stay on the path, even though we don’t know where it goes, or do we blaze our own trail – thinking that we can see down the road clearly?

I can only speak from my experience.  Every time I have tried to get on someone else’s path, it usually doesn’t go well or nearly as well as I thought it would.  How could it.  It is someone else’s path – made for them, not for me.

Every time I respond with trust – it’s scary as hell.  I’m not in control.  I want to run or scream.  Or hide.  Yet, taking that first step into the unknown is the hardest step.  And every time that I let trust take me forward, I’m not disappointed.  I remind myself that  God does know better than me.

What path are you on?