When we arrived in Windhoek, the Lutheran World Federation had buses available for guests to transport them to where they were staying.   We were staying at a local hostel in Windhoek. Unfortunately, we had a bus driver who was not familiar with Windhoek, so we got a scenic (night-time) drive through Windhoek driving around in what felt like an aimless manner for about 2 hours.

Let’s just say that after you’ve been on a plane for essentially a full 24 hours, the last thing you want is to drive around aimlessly for another 2 hours.

But we were getting our first lesson of the Assembly – grace.  We were called upon to be forgiving and show grace.  And boy is that difficult when you are tired.  But we made it – Thank God.  And no one blew up along the way, although it did get a little tense.

At any rate, the next morning, we hopped on another bus to get to the actual Assembly and this time things were different.  First off it was light out and we had a chance to sleep.  And boy was it beautiful.  This is what we saw from the road out from of the hostel.


Wow, a real city.  What a difference a few hours of sleeping makes.  And yes, this is Africa.  Just to be clear here, if your idea of Africa is that everyone on the continent lives in mud huts and is half-clothed, you’ve been listing to “Do they know it’s Christmas” for too many years.  (Which by the way is one of the worst “Christmas” songs ever created and performed.  Go ahead and listen to it, I’ll wait here.  Now tell me that’s not the worst egotistical garbage you’ve ever heard!)

At any rate, this African city is beautiful.  Even the street art is charming.


And in case you were wondering, Windhoek has been named as one of the cleanest cities on the planet.  No joke on that.  There really was very little trash lying around – that takes some serious effort. Kind of like this statue on top of one of the nearby buildings.


Yes, that was on top of the building.  Pretty cool.  I wonder where I can get me one of those for on top of my house.