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We made our way to the LWF conference setting and the first thing was morning worship.


It was in a tent. The setting was nice, the air was flowing and it remained cool throughout.  It was wonderful to worship with people from all over the world (literally) and to worship in four + languages.

The official languages of the LWF are English, French, German, and Spanish.  The LWF has shifted over the years.  The primary language used to be German, with the other languages thrown in for good measure.  Now the primary language is English, with the other languages thrown in for good measure.  Most of the speakers spoke in English during the conference, but translation services were available.  We did have some French speakers, a couple of German speakers.  Regardless, knowing the primary language makes life a bit easier, if for nothing else, you don’t have to wear headphones all the time.  Even still, I enjoyed hearing the multiple languages.  It took me back to my time in Finland and visiting countries in Europe where hearing multiple languages is the norm.