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We went to evening worship on the first day of the Lutheran World Federation assembly.  It was a great experience.

Here’s a couple of the neat things from the service.

First, the cross.


This cross has been moving around the world at different events.  It was in Lund, Sweden for the ecumenical document between Lutherans and Catholics.  The artist is from El Salvador.  I have a friend who is Finnish, but from El Salvador who knows the artist.  How cool is that?  The cross itself is beautiful and about six feet tall.

The altar –


The altar was made completely of wood.  Really nice.


The candles show the theme of the assembly.

The people –


This is me with Rev. Dr. Martin Junge, the Secretary General of the LWF.  He’s a great man.  It was an honor to meet him and have an opportunity to talk with him.