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While we were at the LWF Assembly, we took an opportunity to see Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.  The first stop – this place:


Now tell me that it doesn’t look like a large coffee machine in the middle the city!

It’s actually the National Museum of Namibia.  And the statue out front is of the first president of Namibia.  Considering that Namibia gained its independence from South African control only about 25 years ago, this is still a fresh memory for many Namibians.

Here’s another fun fact – the building was paid for and built by the North Koreans.  Yes, the North Koreans.  Now we know where all their money is that they could be using to feed their people.  They are using it to buy influence with Namibia in order to get access to some of the mining lands that Namibia has.  It gets pretty complicated to say the least.

At any rate – how do you want your museum, sugar coated or plain?