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I thought it might be helpful to offer a quick lesson in Christianity.  We can call it Christianity 101.

But I’m realistic about this too.  Unfortunately, the people who should read these lessons probably won’t ever see them.  So for all you who are doing the best you can to live out the Christian calling – maybe you’ll find this as an encouragement.

Lesson #1 – Love.

This is really simple.  Love is pretty much the basis here.  I’m not talking about gushy romantic love.  I’m talking about love that knows no limits.  This is the love God has for us and empowers us to go and love others – even our enemies.  Yes, you heard that right, even our enemies.  We are called to love our enemies.  Not bomb them, kill them, insult them, swear at them, hit them, attack them, etc.  Nope, just love them.

Lesson #1.2

Saying that love is what’s it about is easy.  Actually living that out is not easy at all.  Why?  Because of the last part – loving our enemies.  It’s a great idea in theory, but then God gets all in our face and actually calls on us to do it.  Whaaaaa????  So what does this mean in a practical sense?  Well, it means we love those who would and have hurt us.  We love those that would want to kill us.  Hello, ISIS comes to mind here.  Maybe the North Koreans.  All of sudden this whole love your enemy thing gets really difficult.

How do you love someone who wants nothing more than to see you die?  I don’t know to be perfectly honest.  I do know this much – prayer for our enemies is a good place to start.  Prayer that puts our enemies in God’s hands, that asks that our enemies would experience peace and love and grace and mercy.  What comes after that?  That’s when we listen to what God is calling us to be and do.  I know this much – love doesn’t have room for killing.

Lesson #1.3

If your version of Christianity tells you that it’s ok to not love someone because they believe something different from you – well, then you aren’t grasping this whole love thing.  Time to reboot and start over.