Lesson #1 – Forgiveness is not easy.  If you some how make it into something easy, then you aren’t doing it right.  This is true for both giving forgiveness and receiving forgiveness.  Why is it that we humans have such a difficult time with forgiveness?  Instead we would rather be smug and think we are right rather than receive or give forgiveness to someone else.  Yet forgiveness is a kind of like taking the weight off of your shoulders.

Lesson #1.2 – We receive forgiveness from God.  There is nothing you can do to earn this.  This means we can be grateful for the forgiveness we receive.  This allows us to then go and forgive others.

Lesson #1.3 – The world is desperate for forgiveness.  The other option is something we witness already – egotism, digging in, name calling and belittling, attacking, etc.  There’s plenty of that going on in the world.  We see how well that works – it doesn’t.  It’s time to move on past that to forgiveness.