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After reading a couple of posts over the last few days, I thought I’d add a couple a blog posts on politics.  The point here isn’t to argue for either the Republican or Democrat parties.  Frankly, I don’t have faith in either party.  Sometimes one or the other comes up with a decent idea, but that seems to be a bit rarer each day.  Am I cynical?  Maybe.  But then again, maybe I just a different expectation of what we should be receiving from our government, leaders, and politicians.

Lesson #1 – using religion to advance one’s politics usually ends up pretty poorly.

I’m referring to a specific story here.  Yes, this candidate just claimed that 9/11 was God’s punishment for the US turning away from God.  And here I thought it was because of the gays.  No, wait, clearly I’m mixing my disasters up.  The hurricanes must be because of the gays.  Their gayness has magical powers that affect the weather don’t you know.  It’s difficult to keep track of what disaster can be attributed to which group of people these days.  I wish there was an easy chart or something so I could follow along.

Here’s my comment – Really?  Seriously people?  The scary thing is that people are going to listen to this candidate and think that he knows what he’s talking about.  He doesn’t have a degree in theology – although that doesn’t matter it seems.  There are plenty of people who have a degree in theology that spout off some really terrible theology similar to Judge Moore. (cough, cough…Pat Robertson, John Hagee…cough, cough)

Can we just consider what Judge Moore has suggested – yes, actually consider it.  I think we need to for one simple reason…to show how utterly ridiculous it is and how utter unqualified he is for any office.  What is the fascination with proclaiming a ticked off God who goes on a killing spree and is perpetually pissed off and wants to destroy humanity and all of creation?  It’s like God needs anger management or something.

Here’s what I know about God – God doesn’t go around with a hit list, checking it off for all the things God is really ticked off about.

God doesn’t go around smiling every time someone (innocent) dies just because God is a vindictive SOB and has a short fuse.

God is not like certain world leaders who are known for their temper tantrums when they don’t get their way.

That’s not the God I worship anyway.

The point is that it’s really easy to take scripture and theology out of context and use it for your own political agenda – in this case to raise fear.  It’s called manipulation.  Politics thrives on fear and manipulation.  The more fear you can put on people, the more likely they are to look to someone who can do something about the fear.  In this case, Roy Moore can point to himself.

Always be wary of a politician who is using religion/theology/the Bible as a means to an end – the end being the advancement of their own power.  It’s not a good mixture and it is terrible theology.  We have enough bad theology circulating these days and enough really bad politicians.  We don’t need to mix bad theology with bad politics.