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…and I feel fine.

There’s been (yet) another prediction that the world is going to end starting this Saturday.  Yes, another one.  Yes, it’s BS.  Yes, it’s from someone who has terrible theology – the focus is on God bringing destruction on creation.  I guess the idea of God being really angry about something or other just never dies out.

Here’s the ironic thing about these predictions – every single one of them has been wrong and will be wrong.  Yet people still listen.  Why?

Here’s something else – this prediction is unique in another way.  I don’t know if this is the first time that NASA has debunked one of these predictions or not, but they did for this one.  The guy who is making the prediction is saying something to the effect that some hidden planet will show up and cause havoc to the earth, as it is predicted in Revelation.  Yes, you can’t make this stuff up.  Actually you can, the prediction is a good example of making things up.

Regardless, am I the only one who thinks that we’re in trouble when NASA has to debunk end of the world predictions about imaginary planets showing up out of thin air?  Seriously?  Do these people even listen to themselves when they make these predictions to hear how ridiculous they sound?  Do the people who buy into the prediction actually hear what is being said?

Here’s my prediction about Saturday.  The day will come and go.  College football will be played.  Politics will continue to be divisive.  People will keep the economy going by buying stuff they want and need.  And the preach who made this faulty prediction will come up with an excuse of how he miscalculated.  And the people who bought in will adjust to a new prediction.  Oy.