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This is the key question that many churches ask – or are supposed to ask.  There’s been a ton written about this question and the potential answers that come back.

Here’s another question that is just as important – Who is God calling us to communicate with?  Who is God calling be to a part of our community in the future?  Who is God moving into our lives and our lives into their lives?

But let’s be clear about this – it’s a fun question to consider, but also very dangerous.  It’s not about who is God calling to become just like us.  We aren’t called to reach out to others and make them just like us.  Every time someone new enters a community, that community changes, like a pebble creating ripples in the water.

Who is God calling on us to communicate with and share Good News with?  And how is God calling us to change to reach these people?

When God calls us to something new, there will be change.  There will be uncertainty.  There will be leaving something behind.

But there will also life.  There will be discipleship and letting go.  There will be Jesus.