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Blind faith is not a good thing.  This is true when it comes to religion, politics, and just about anything else.

Blind faith is unhealthy.  It’s essentially the idea that there is complete trust without any questioning about that faith.  Blind faith is all about closing one’s ears and eyes to anything that might have a variance.

In religion, we see this kind of blind faith in the more fundamentalist types of Christianity.  It’s the type of Christianity that doesn’t welcome any questions or doubts.  You have to know all the answers, or else.

In politics blind faith shows up in partisan loyalties.  Regardless of the year and who is in office, there is a segment of the population that will show blind faith in whoever holds the office of President and regardless of what they do.

I have seen different presidents do the exact same things.  Yet, only their loyal followers will be happy with the situation.  Ironically, they were upset when a previous president they did not like did the same thing.  Ultimately, it’s not about what was actually done or said, but who did it.

Often, Americans will say the pledge of allegiance to the flag, but I wonder if it’s accurate.  More often, it appears that it is more a pledge of loyalty to a party or politician or elected official.  And worse – it is the equating of the flag (and what it stands for) to a pledge of loyalty to a person.  Are we loyal to a person or to the ideals that go beyond any person?  Are we loyal to something that is temporary or to something that is long-lasting, possibly eternal?

Blind faith isn’t what we need and it isn’t healthy.  But when we live in times that are chaotic, humanity will often turn to those that cause the chaos because they appear to be in charge.

Blind faith isn’t what we need.  It’s just blindness.  It’s empty and weak.  It doesn’t use the mind that God gave us.  It doesn’t open our eyes to seeing when we have made a bad investment in a person.  It doesn’t lead to good government or religion.  It just means we have been in the dark.