People need vision.  Organizations need vision.  Institutions should have vision.  Vision is what drives us forward and gives us a reason to get up and get going.  Without a vision, we flounder and wander.

But where does vision come from?  It comes from leadership and from people.  Most people don’t see a vision for themselves, but often we ask them to vision for organizations they are a part of.  Leadership is often responsible for vision, but it’s not solely the responsibility of the leader either though.  Leaders have a vision that is drawn from conversations with people, their hopes and dreams, but also from discerning what is truly needed – even if it is not stated directly.  Vision comes from wisdom and listening – listening to people, but also listening to the things that aren’t said.  Sometimes the things unsaid are more important than what is said.

Vision is painting a picture of a future that you’ll never really ever get to, but it moves what is normal in the direction of that vision.  It’s not about the end product, but rather the journey there.  It is in the journey that the vision unfolds.

When leaders tell the story of the vision, and they buy the vision themselves, then amazing things happen.  But the leader has to buy the vision.  Without buy-in, it’s just a bunch of words.

But find a leader who is so bought into a vision that it seeps out of their very being, and I’ll show you someone who will accomplish amazing things with the people they are leading.

What is your vision?