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When we entered the stadium for worship during the LWF Assembly, we saw many things.  I want to highlight two in particular.

The first is the banner.


We were commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  Luther’s face of course shows up.  Along with the Luther rose.  I think the most interesting thing is that the banner is surrounded by faces of people who are far different from the German peasants that Luther knew.  It was amazing to see how Luther’s ideas spread far and wide – continuing to this day.

The other part of the banner to highlight is the theme message that salvation, human beings, and creation are not for sale.  This is a counter cultural message even today and in many places in the world.

My only criticism of the banner is that I wish it weren’t in ALL CAPS.  That actually makes it harder to read.

The second piece of messaging was the worship booklet.


The booklet was actually really well done and had worship for all the days of the assembly.  The worship was great each day.  Lots of various cultures and languages used.  The music itself was well done.  Again, the only criticism is the use of ALL CAPS.  It takes away from the rest of the booklet, but only a little bit.