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I saw this “ad” for a prayer app the other day and couldn’t help but share it.

It’s a wonderful ad that pokes at many things in our society.  Especially the idea that we can use prayer for our own purposes.

It’s funny, but also a bit sad.  Probably because if some kind of thoughts and prayers app came out like this, you’d know people would be all over it.  Imagine being at the top of the social media posting with your thoughts and prayers.  It lets everyone know how much you care.  Oy!

This reminds me of some other spoof ads – My favorite being the Africa for Norway spoof.  This ad was well done and pokes big time at the western, white savior mentality that so many people have.

regardless of the ad, these ads work well, because they are based on some element of truth.  They work well also because they are humorous and very well done.

Enjoy.  You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers!