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This is the question a Jewish rabbi challenged the room full of Lutheran Bishops, Pastors, and Deacons with yesterday.

And no one had an answer.  Of course we didn’t have much time to think about it either to be fair.

For those that did attempt to give an answer, it was usually shot down with a follow-up question that left the question open.  The main follow up question was often this: “What is the goal of Christianity?  What must you do?”

The problem I think is with the question.  At least for Lutherans.  The answer to the initial question, now that I’ve had time to think about it, would be this for me: Jesus has done all that needs to be done.  There is nothing that we can do to add anything.  The only things we do are in response to what Jesus has already done for us.

This is a far different perspective than what many religions offer.  This isn’t an attempt to diminish other faith traditions.  I think they offer many good things and those that are committed to their faith are doing exactly what they are called to do.  And at the same time, I am expressing what makes Christianity different – or at least Lutheran Christianity different.

How would you answer the question?