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During the celebration after the LWF 500th Anniversary of the Reformation worship, we got to experience a wide variety of entertainment.

One of the most unusual groups, were these guys.


These guys were fun to watch. I’d show you the video, but apparently WordPress isn’t feeling up to allowing me to upload it.

So instead, you’ll have to live with my description of what happened.  So, there’s one of the guys who is using a mic and he’s singing/chanting.  He’s getting a beat going and in turn each of the guys takes a turn walking out to the middle of the open space, while another guy jumps over the first guy.  Yes, I mean that literally.  Some of the guys walk ducking their heads slightly, but others don’t even do that.  These are not short guys either – each one was over six-foot easily.  These guys were getting some serious height.

Pretty amazing.  I think this qualifies under the idea of “Don’t try this at home, kids.”