Roy Moore, Louis CK, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein – all names that have come up in the news in the last couple of weeks for the same reason.  Sex.  Not just any sex, but sex for favors, sex with minors, sexual manipulation, etc.

These men, along with a whole host of others that it would take too long to list here, have been in positions of power and influence.

What is it about power and influence that makes people think that they can just use others however they want?  Politicians have gotten in trouble for this many times before.  Priests and pastors have too.

Ultimately, it’s an abuse of power and a use of power in an inappropriate way.  But frankly, that’s using words pretty lightly.

Because we shouldn’t forget the victims.  Their lives were impacted in seriously negative ways.  It’s not just the victimization in a physical sense either.  It’s the whole person.  Yes, the physical act is bad enough.  But the mental and emotional scars are terrible too.

The challenge is this – this is not a topic that people like to talk about.  The problem is that this isn’t confined to just power and influential people.  We need to be aware that there are others who have suffered at the hands of someone else.

The church has an opportunity to be a place where we can talk about these type of issues.  But only if we are opening to hear the stories, to walk with people.  And the church has an opportunity to explore how we can do better so that there will not be more victims.  We can talk about this without shame or guilt.  People don’t like to talk about sin, but this is one area that I think many can agree is a sin – the mistreatment of others.

Let’s talk.