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You have to give credit where it’s due.  In this case, it would be concerning spinning away election results.

Mind you, this could be written after every election, regardless of the results and who was declared the winners and the losers.

One thing that can always be counted on is that there will be never-ending spin from partisan insiders.  That’s their job.  But it’s also a part of their worldview and belief about the world.  Partisans can spin away anything.

Hard core loyal partisans can even do mental gymnastics.  This has happened many times before.  It happens when one party switches positions on a policy and the other party adopts what they were opposed to previously.

When hard-core partisans don’t get everything they want, they keep pushing because it’s never good enough.

This isn’t all bad.  In fact, like I said, there are some positives sides to this – like the fact that someone who deeply believes in a cause will never give up and will keep pushing to get what they see as right.

To some degree, we in the church could use some of that fire.  But not all of it.  Spinning away things isn’t a positive trait.  It’s really quite annoying actually.  It’s also an unwillingness to accept the reality of the situation.  It makes having conversations about just about anything really difficult.

As a church, we shouldn’t spin away things.  We shouldn’t spin away decline in the church.  We shouldn’t spin away financial troubles.  Spinning away sexual misconduct has been a problem for the church.

We can leave the spin behind.  But we shouldn’t leave the fire in our soul behind – the idea that there is more and that settling for the status quo is just fine.  It’s not.  There’s plenty of Good News to proclaim.  There are plenty of people who need to hear a message of mercy, grace, and forgiveness.  There are plenty of people who are hungry and homeless.  There are plenty.  We can’t and shouldn’t spin that away.  But we can get to work.