God has lots of money.

Do you believe this?

So often we start from a point of lack.  Yet we claim to worship a God of abundance.  But do we really believe it?  Do we believe that if God wants something to happen that God will make the resources come together to make it happen?  The resources of time, money, and people, among other things.  Or do we think that this is just wishful thinking?  Do we sabotage God’s plans because we doubt what God is up to and the way God goes about it?  in our doubt, do we close our eyes to what God is up to?

I’m not into the claim it and it will be yours idea.  Or the idea that God blesses people only through material blessings.  I’m saying something different here.  Are we open to how God actually works – especially in ways that might not make sense to us?

So often in our churches, we start with a sense of lack.  We think we don’t have enough money for this program or for that ministry.  Often churches begin with the assumption that the only resources that God could possibly tap into reside solely inside the church building and only with the most active members.  Boy, that’s limiting God and making the unfolding of God’s will much more difficult than I think it is and that I’ve seen too.

God has lots of money – and just in the pockets of the people sitting in the pews.  It’s all around us, just waiting to be used to help bring about God’s will in our communities.  Often our doubts prevents us from seeing where God’s money is.

Yes, my friends, God has lots of money.  More than enough to do all that God has in store.  Money is a tool.  When we see it as something more than that, it becomes an idol that has to be protected.  But when money is a tool, look out, great things happen.

God has lots of money.  Do you believe it?