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Yesterday was “Giving Tuesday.”  It’s the day that people are supposed donate to a charity that you like.  This follows Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday.  I’m not sure why Sunday was skipped.

Don’t get me wrong, I think donating to charity is a good thing – a very good thing.

My question is this – why do charities get the left overs?  Why isn’t Giving Tuesday the Tuesday before Thanksgiving?  Why is it that giving only happens after people have made their contributions to the consumer gods?  Why aren’t we giving our first fruits for charity and good causes, and then buying gifts with what’s left over?

Do we donate as a way to rationalize away our consumerism?  Is it a way to buy off our feeling of guilt and shame?  Or am I reading too much into it?  Maybe it’s just that Giving Tuesday was added on recently as a way to highlight charities during this time of the year.

Regardless of the reason, giving is good.  Giving to charities is good.  I just wish the giving came first as we celebrated Thanksgiving.  It would be congruent with the message of the holiday.