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In May of this year, I graduated from Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg – part of the last class the seminary would graduate.  The seminary was in the process of coming together with Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia to form what is now United Lutheran Seminary.

Graduating seniors had the opportunities to go up to the top of the old seminary building – the building that stood on the grounds of the Seminary Ridge during the start of the Battle of Gettysburg during the civil war.  This is the same cupola that both Union and Confederate generals stood in on the first day of the battle (at different times of course) to survey the battlefield.


On the way up to the cupola we stopped on the top floor to admire some of the original wood and other interesting things.


Many of the floor boards on this level are originals.  You can see the markings that show how the boards were pieced together.


And then there is this:


This is not an upside-down picture.  For years, no one had any idea of what the round picnic table-like thing was stuck to the ceiling.  There were all sorts of theories, but nothing that could confirm anything.

That is, until we were told by one of the professors who came along on the tour that he heard from a good source – a gentleman who was pretty old who attended the seminary years before – that the structure was designed to be a space for a punching bag.  One of the students used the top floor as their own personal boxing/exercise space.  Pretty interesting.