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June, 2017 was a great month.  I was ordained at the beginning of the month and then we took off for a much-needed vacation to celebrate all the hard work of seminary.  Since we are a family that loves to travel, we wanted to go somewhere – especially somewhere we haven’t been to yet.  We also didn’t want to break the bank.  We settled on Costa Rica.  And then the time came, and we took off from the airport.

We rented a minivan to get around.  We quickly learned that there are no addresses in Costa Rica – there really isn’t a post office.  Everything is done through the bank.  With no addresses, it makes directs a bit of a challenge.

Our first stop from the airport was our hotel for the night.  We booked a room at Hotel la Rosa de America.  The price was good.  It had a pool.  These are two requirements for hotels for this family of six.  We made our way to the hotel, figured out how to get in, and then crashed for the night.  In the morning, we got up and went over to the main building for breakfast.  And we immediately knew that coming to Costa Rica was a great decision.


It was beautiful.  And that’s just the eating area of the hotel.


We were surrounded by amazing flowers and the chirping of birds.


The colors of everything were vibrant and lively.


We knew in an instant that we had fallen in love with another country and would have a wonderful trip.