I completed some of my goals for 2017 and missed the mark (sometimes way off the mark) on some of my goals.  Time to move on to 2018.

Here’s some changes for 2018.

  1. Become healthier.  What this means for me is to reach a specific weight.  That means I’ll work on eating healthier, following an exercise routine, and get back to doing a distance race (1/2 marathon).  I haven’t identified which race, but first I need to get into good enough shape to start training for a race.
  2. Social media focus.  Since this is my blog, I have specific goals for the blog and social media in general.  I’m streamlining some things.  I have made the decision to stop doing travel blogging posts.  This blog will focus on theology/philosophy/life.  It will be more focused on these things.  I love to travel, but posting about our travels takes up a good amount of time.  I can use that time for many other things.  That will save me a considerable amount of time each week.  I know several of my readers come to this blog specifically for the travel posts, and to them I say, thanks for coming and reading my posts.  I appreciate you visiting.  I wish you well.  I’m making this change because it’s more in line with the direction of my life.
  3. Writing.  I’ve made goals about writing many times before.  I’ve tried setting a routine.  I’ve tried many things before.  I haven’t succeeded at this.  Clearly, my motivation for this is questionable.  Therefore my goal is to just write a book and get it over with.  I will complete this by Dec. 31, 2018.
  4. Career.  I’m now a pastor at a congregation that I love serving.  The biggest goal that I hope to accomplish is to develop some kind of discipleship model that incorporates visitors, members, and disciples within the church.  This really excites me and I can’t wait to see what this will look like and how it will evolve.


That’s enough public goals to share for today.  I hope you have goals for the year.  Go get em!