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…makes almost no sense.

It’s a simple greater than equation.  When the pleasure of the status quo is greater than the pain of change, hardly any human being will push for change.  Especially someone with a public eye on them.

Which is why putting our hopes in politicians and celebrities to lead the charge on any change is pointless.

Plus it pushes further the idea that the little people, us, who read blogs, and articles, and such, are helpless and can’t do anything without their leadership.  That’s bull.

A couple of examples.  I don’t watch awards shows.  I don’t see the point of watching an exclusive group congratulate themselves and pat themselves on the back for their good words.  I just don’t connect with it or get it.  A lot of other people enjoy these shows and find them entertaining.  More power to you if you do.  I read criticism of the latest show being that the men who received awards didn’t come out strongly enough for pay equity in the sense that none of them said they would refuse work unless the women received equal pay.  Go back to the equation.  Now you understand why they didn’t.

Or this.  During the same show it came out that Oprah is considering running for president.  The people who think it’s a terrible idea to have a billionaire, TV celebrity with no government experience running the country all of a sudden now are supportive of a billionaire, TV celebrity with no government experience running the country.  Yes, they are two different people with different styles, but still… Why are we pinning our hopes and dreams for the nation on someone so out of touch with everyone else, so far removed from everyone else?  It makes little sense.

We aren’t called to sit around and wait for someone else to take action.  We called to be uncomfortable and be inconvenienced.  We called to get up from behind the screens in front of our faces and in the palm of our hands and to get moving.  We are empowered by God to respond to the faith that God gives us.  We are thrust out, even when we don’t feel ready, to go and live the faith that has been given us.  And we are called to invite others to join in.

We aren’t called to wait for someone else to get it started.  We aren’t called to put our hope and trust in someone else and hope for the best.  We aren’t called to hand responsibility over.  We are called and empowered to get moving.