I hope that quote ticks you off.  I hope it bothers you.  I hope it upsets you to see the word shithole right there in front of you.

But more so, I hope it makes you really upset when you realize that he is talking about whole groups of people – people who look different, sound different, and think differently than our protected president.

I hope it makes you really upset that the president thinks it quite normal to degrade entire groups of humanity because they are inconvenient.

I hope it makes you really upset that the president has no trouble throwing anyone under the bus who doesn’t go out of their way to make him look good, doesn’t agree with his spin, and doesn’t meet his standards for what makes a human being have any value and worth.

I hope it makes you really upset that the president spoke these words and there was no one in the Administration who attempted to deny these words were said – validating that they were in fact said.

Where are the pastors who came to the White House to offer prayers over this president?  Where are the pastors and prominent “Christian” leaders who essentially declared that the gospel of Trump matched up with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  Where are the “Christians” who declare that Trump is a good Christian, regardless of his multiple marriages and infidelities, shady business practices, mistreatment of many business people and others, his provoking nations towards hostility, and more?  Where are you John Hagee?  Where are you James Dobson? Where are you Jerry Falwell, Jr?  What sort of Christianity do you align yourself with anyway?  Be honest.

Where are you?  I can’t hear you through your silence, which condones such speech, ideology, and behaviors.  Your silence is deafening. And it upset me – no it ticks me off and makes me wonder if we both have the same understanding of what it means to be Christian and what God we both worship.

Here’s my question to you – how long do you think it will take for Trump to throw you under the bus the first time you offer any criticism of him?  Do you really think that he cares about you at all, beyond what he receives from you?

What is your Christianity founded in?  Is it founded on the Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount or on a politician who cares only about himself who will use the label of Christian for his own end?  Jesus spoke the Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount.  Christianity is supposed to be about becoming disciples of Jesus.  Christianity is about proclaiming that our salvation resides in Jesus, not the empire, or the emperor.  Proclamation means speaking that out and living it out.  Where are you Christians?