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I read several articles over the weekend that were pretty predictable.  They were critical of Evangelicals and their support of Trump.  There were valid points in these articles.  And I think there were some unfair points too.  Instead of rehashing any of these articles, I’ve got some different questions for Evangelicals – questions that I’m truly curious about.    If you are a self-described Evangelical Christian, please take a moment an answer these questions.  They aren’t easy.  But your answers will help me understand how you live out your faith every day and how your beliefs about the world make sense to you.

Question #1 – Would you want Donald Trump as the pastor of your church?  Why or why not?  Leave policy aside.  Forget about whether Jesus would support this policy or that policy.  Just go with personality and character.  Would Donald Trump make a good pastor in your church?  What would make him good?  What would make him bad?

Question #2 – Why are you so loyal to Trump?  What is it about him that you have sworn allegiance to this man?  Does his paying off of a porn star because of a sexual affair bother you at all?  Does it affect your support of him?  How is this different then Bill Clinton’s sexual situation?  Did you get upset over that?  Why?

Question #3 – What do you say to people who question your Christianity and claim that all you really are is a tool for the conservative political ideology?  What is your belief about how Jesus calls on Christians to treat opponents and enemies?

Question #4 – If someone doesn’t agree with you and they are self-described as a Christian, what does that make them?  Can someone be a Christian and not agree with your beliefs?  How about your political beliefs, preferences, and loyalties?  Do you believe that it is your faith that informs your politics or that politics informs your faith?  Please explain.

Question #5 – How does Jesus’ teachings of the Sermon on the Mount impact your theological beliefs and then in turn impact how you live each day?  What about Jesus teaching about welcoming the stranger?  How about feeding those that are hungry?  How does any of Jesus’ teaching directly impact your daily life?  How do you live out your faith?

These questions aren’t meant to be an insult – I am genuinely curious.  They aren’t easy questions though either.  I’d be curious to hear what difficult questions you would have for someone like me.  Careful though – I’m happy to give you my answers, but you may not like them.  For one thing, I don’t fit into the nice, neat dichotomy of left-right political ideas.