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Does the word apocalypse send a shiver down your spine? Do you envision scenes of death and destruction all around? How about pain and suffering? Maybe you envision scenes from popular Hollywood movies.

When you type in definition of apocalypse in google you end up with a definition that talks about the ultimate destruction of the earth.

I looked this up because I wanted to see what people would see when they search for this. The definition made me a bit upset. Upset enough to actually give feedback.

I wrote a short feedback and submitted it. I don’t expect a change to occur, but I couldn’t just let this definition pass without comment.

Apocalypse, at it’s core, is made up of two Greek words that mean an uncovering or a revealing. That’s hardly death and destruction at the end of the world.

This popular notion of death and destruction is simply bad theology that had seeped its way into the culture.

Why some Christians want to latch onto the idea of a God who is pissed off to the point of throwing a major temper tantrum is beyond me, especially when it’s not accurate.

Revelation is often cited. But people who hold the destruction angle seem to misunderstand the book, or cherry pick things out of it. They see the wrath and destruction, but miss the whole point of the book. Revelation is prophecy. But understand what prophecy is. It is not set in stone that something had to happen. Rather it is stating what will happen if things continue to progress as they are going. With God, there is always room for repentance.

When we read Revelation 22 we see a different narrative. It is a narrative of hope and a message of Gospel – that God will renew and restore and will ultimately abide with us and creation forever. This is a message of hope, not destruction.

Apocalypse should not create anxiety and fear for us, but rather joy and anticipation. The fulfillment of time will be the fulfillment of what God has been doing throughout all time – coming to us and creation to abide and dwell with us. God with us. God came to creation in the Garden of Eden and God will come back to walk with us in the renewed creation. Thanks be to God.