America seems hellbent on forcing people into choosing sides. Us vs. them. This is not new though. It’s been here since the founding of the nation. It’s just that at times this desire for separating and the forced choosing or placement on a side is more prevalent than other times.

Which is really amazing when you think about it. We are a nation that prides itself as the land of freedom and choice. Yet, when it comes to important decisions that affect our society and culture we are forced to pick between two flawed choices. Offering a third option doesn’t even register as a legitimate or rational option for so many.

Are we really for choice and freedom then? Are we open to actually allowing people to present other alternatives? Or are we so concerned with conformity that we mouth the words of freedom and display the symbols of freedom and yet demand conformity to the established choices presented?

We are told that we have to pick a side. If you pick one side, it automatically means you have to be against anything from the other side. Even if the two sides switch positions on a issue. That’s fine, you just adopt the argument they were using. It’s not about the issue after all. It’s about something deeper.

This is not normal or rational. It has been going on for a long time, so it might seem normal, but if we are honest with ourselves we would recognize that we are complicit in all of this.

But not everyone complies with this. Nor should you. Complying with this mentality is similar to being forced to decide how you want to be killed – by hanging or by gunfire. Why would anyone willingly participate in this decision. Yet it seems that many are willing to do just this.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are other options. But we have to be willing to let go of a broken mindset and system.

Are you willing to go against the grain? Or would you rather maintain a broken idea because you fear the consequences?

In presenting this, you can see how easy it is to fall into this mode of thinking and see it as normal.

But it is not. There are more options. They are right there waiting to be embraced and tried. I dare you to think differently.