What is leadership?  More specifically, what is leadership within the church?

Leadership is driving an organization, a movement, a group of people towards something – ideally a vision or mission, maybe even a calling.

What is leadership in the church?  It’s leadership in conjunction with creating an environment where the others are empowered and equipped to carry out the Spirit’s calling in their lives and congregations.

Leadership often means making difficult decisions – very difficult decisions.  And often those decisions aren’t easy and have no easy solutions.  Leaders end up doubting their decisions.  Leaders have to weigh the needs of an individual vs. the needs of the whole group or institution.

Poor leadership is avoiding difficult decisions or sweeping difficult topics under the rug for someone else to deal with.  But all that does is enable bad behavior to continue – all because the leader is too stressed to make a decision.

The church is in desperate need for leaders who are willing to make difficult decisions.