What’s the deal with the emphasis on war?

We seem to have this weird fascination with war.  Politicians are always looking for wars, or at least talking about them.  We attach a great of glory to war – go to a battleground and you can feel the hallowed-ness of the ground.  The shedding of blood makes that ground a bit more sacred apparently.  But why was blood shed?

We glorify war in our entertainment.  There have been books written on this, so I won’t.

We even make sports a safer version of war.  We get statements like – warriors, gridiron battles, the offense slaughtered and routed the other team, etc.

Last week the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave talked about the future possibility of war in space and how we need a space force.

We’ve had other presidents who talked about war – from both parties.  We’ve had an ongoing war on poverty, war on drugs, war on terrorism.  Yet, these never-ending wars just go on.  They never end, they just continue to suck up resources.  We seem to be in a constant state of war – one that out lives the men who launch these wars.

The Romans worshiped Mars – the god of war.  War was good for Rome, until it wasn’t.  In war there was the opportunity to have an enemy and a scapegoat.  In war there was an opportunity to generate wealth and work.  In war there was the push for unwavering patriotism and unquestioning allegiance – wouldn’t want to be unpatriotic would you?  You might end up being seen as an enemy.

Instead of all the wars, maybe we should recognize that the only thing we get in war is death and destruction.  No one really wins.  Maybe we should try a different approach to tackling these things.

How about we try recognizing the humanity of people?  I know this method is risky.  It’s risky because it is rarely ever tried, and never fully tried.  But maybe we should give it a chance.  I know that we’ve only been trying war as a way to solve our problems for a short time – only a few millennia.  But maybe we could just pause our wars for a bit, and try a different way to solve problems.  What do you think?  Can we try it?