We hear about the triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday in each of the Gospels.  There are variations on the story.

We hear about Jesus going into the Temple on Monday and flipping tables and driving out the animals and raising holy hell.

Tuesday and Wednesday are quiet days.

So what was Jesus doing during those two days before the Last Supper and then his death on a cross?

Was he huddled away in prayer? Did he just wander around?  Was he spending time with people who were closest to him – giving his last goodbyes?  Did he just hang around the house he was staying in?

What does a person do before they know they are going to die?  That’s a different way of asking the same question.  Except this question feels very different from the other questions.  We’re forced to deal with the reality of death in our midst when we ask the question this way.

What would you do with your last few days before you knew you were going to die?