Good Friday is an interesting day.  It’s a day that is uncomfortable.  We celebrate the death of someone and call it good.  To someone outside of the church, this day has to make very little sense.

But to those of us in the church, this is the day that leads to Easter and the resurrection.

We have to experience the death of Jesus before we can appreciate the resurrection.  Often Christians want to skip from Palm Sunday right to Easter – from triumphant entry to resurrection.  But that misses a major part of the story – the part that makes resurrection so much more rich.  The part where we see that Jesus really is willing to go to hell on our behalf and on behalf of all creation.  The part where Jesus goes to the crap and comes back.

We don’t like it because we don’t like to dwell in the negative and bad parts of life.  We don’t like to talk about suffering or death.  Yet, at some point in our lives, we’ll all experience some kind of suffering and we will experience death.  And Jesus will be right there with us.  Through it all.  We will not be alone.  Suffering and death will not have the final say.  The resurrection awaits.  Resurrection of our bodies and our lives – both after the suffering and after death itself.