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I keep getting the same reminder when I log into Facebook – that I only have x number of days to register in a political party to vote in Pennsylvania’s primary election.

I’ve gotten this “ad” in my news feed for several days.

And each day I look it and think – thanks for the reminder.  I also smile because it’s a reminder to me that while Facebook might have my data and information, it really doesn’t know me at all.

If it really knew me, the message would be far different.  It might still be a reminder that there is a deadline for registering in a partisan party.  But also offer a way to register a complaint to the commonwealth that non-partisan registered votes have to pay for these primary elections.

If you are registered in a political party – great.  Good for you!  Leave me alone.  You want to have a primary to figure out who is going to represent your party in the fall – go for it.  And pay for it yourself while you are at it.  I probably won’t like whoever you select anyway.  And I don’t buy the rhetoric of either party – they set themselves up as the savior of the nation, with mini-messiahs to share the “good news” of the party.  How many converts and financial supporters can each party get?  What will a party have to switch positions on in order to fit the ideological beliefs of the person in charge?  War is peace.  We have always been at war with Eastasia.  (Some handy references to the book 1984 by George Orwell for those not familiar with those quotes.)

If Facebook really knew me, then maybe the reminder would be completely different.  Maybe it would say something like this – “Only a few more days until worship commences of the Risen Christ, Savior of the World!  Be sure to tell your friends!”  Or maybe it would say something like this – “Only a week until the next ministry time over at Flying J where you and a small group of people actually try to carry out Jesus’ command to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, etc.”

You want my information Facebook – you can have it on one condition.  That you take what I preach and you help me spread the message of the Good News to others.  This is what I actually care about.  It’s what I post about more often than not.  Yet, somehow it doesn’t register with your fancy programs.  Maybe because the Good News of Jesus counters the false gospels that we are inundated with.  Facebook, you don’t know me – you don’t know me at all.