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Why do people reject the Gospel? Do people reject the Gospel?

I think there are people who do.  Some reject the Gospel knowing full well what they are rejecting.  Some reject it because what they thought was the Gospel is different from what they are hearing for the first time.

What is the Gospel?

The easiest way to describe it is that the Gospel is the best news in the history of creation – that there is nothing that you can do to earn God’s love or earn your way to spending eternity with God.  Why?  Because we are broken and don’t know what a right relationship with God looks like – how could we, we are broken.  We’ve never seen it the way it should be.  Instead, God reaches out to us, sets things right, and invites us to participate in relationship with God.

So why would anyone reject this?

Fear, control, knowing.  Many people are afraid of letting go of control – or the idea that we are in control.  Many people are afraid of not being in control of their life.  Many people are afraid of not knowing what God’s plans are for our lives and where God might send us and have us do.

Many people would rather be in control of their lives – or think they are in control of their lives.

But Jesus calls us to death – death of self, death of being in control, death of knowing.  These are scary things if you have never faced death or had a crush with death.

Following the Gospel means that we aren’t in control and really, if we are honest with ourselves, it means we recognize that we never were in control, ever.

Following the Gospel means having the lies we are told and tell ourselves about ourselves ripped from our hands as we grasp onto them like a security blanket.  In their place, we are invited into a journey – not when we are ready, but when we are called.  We’ll be equipped with what we need as we go – that’s how God works.

Are you willing to be out of control?