What lens do you see the world though?  Your partisan political loyalty or the faith that has been given to you by God?

If you party loyalty is the foundation of your life, then here’s what is important – what the leader of your party says each day.  Your leader may contradict what was said before, but that’s ok – it’s about advancing the party after all.  You can fool yourself into believing that the party cares about you – that is until you speak out against the party on any subject.  At that point, the party will through you under the bus because you will no longer be useful to it.  Parties are merciless and will use anyone they can to advance their cause of gaining power and then discard them when they are done.  Forget loyalty – the only loyalty that matters is your complete compliance with the party.  When party is your foundation, you can excuse rhetoric and behavior that is unacceptable to anyone else because the pursuit of power for the party is of utmost importance.  The ends justify the means becomes your slogan.  Only the weak care about ethics and the process.

If faith is your foundation, then you are going to say and do things that come in conflict with the parties and the pursuit of power.  You come in conflict with the empires of this world – whether they be political, religious, sports, entertainment, financial, or anything else.

Faith as your foundation means that Christianity isn’t a series of policy proposals, it isn’t a culture war, it isn’t a few rhetorical weapons that are added to your political loyalties and arguments.

Faith is a way of life.  It comes from God.  God lays claim to us, gives us faith, and invites us to participate in the unfolding of God’s kingdom right here, right now.

Faith is a way of life that will live beyond whoever is in power.  Leaders come and go.  Christ is forever.