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Does Jesus interrupt your life?  Or is Jesus just an interruption in your life?  If all you do is go to church on Sunday for an hour, but live how you want, then Jesus is just a minor interruption in your life,

Jesus should be interrupting your life all the time.

But do we try to bring the narrative of our life back to something in which we believe we are in control?

That doesn’t end well.

Throughout the Bible we see story after story of people trying to do just this.

God interrupts in the Old Testament all the time – much to the dismay of the people who have been interrupted.  With the interruption usually comes a change of their life.

In the New Testament, it starts with Jesus being born and interrupting King Herod’s narrative and life.  Herod thought he had control over time and the narrative.  He certainly had everyone scared.  Only he didn’t have control.  He loses control of the narrative to a baby and strangers who aren’t even on the map. They are from the East.

Seriously though – he loses control of the narrative to a baby.  How fragile is Herod’s narrative that he loses control that easily?

And what does he do when he loses control?  The same thing all those in power do when they lose control – they try to take down as many others with them as possible.  He kills the innocents because he is weak.  He needs to kill those out of power to show his own supposed strength, but the reality is he is far weaker and his end ends with him being a footnote in history to a greater narrative.  He becomes a minor actor with a short scene in a greater narrative.  It’s a narrative he doesn’t control.

This is how all those in power end.  Especially the truly weak – the ones who have the biggest egos and make the biggest claims.  The reality is that they are full of emptiness and empty rhetoric and empty promises.

Instead, it is a baby who offers hope for a new reality.  It is strangers who have a vision of the future.  Herod, like all those who think they control the narrative, ends up destroying innocents in an effort to keep the narrative.  But God interrupts.

How is God interrupting your life?