Are you all in for Jesus?  I mean really all in?

Not “yeah, I think he’s a good guy” kind of all in.  Not “I call myself a Christian” but in reality I don’t follow what he taught kind of way.  Not “I follow Jesus when it’s convenient” kind of all in either.

All in means All in.  All in means you believe Jesus is more than just a good guy or a prophet or someone who had some good ideas.  All in means you believe that Jesus wasn’t about only being nice to people.  All in means the Beatitudes – as in living them out.  All in means living out the Sermon on the Mount.  All in means picking up your cross, the instrument of death that will kill you, and willingly carrying it.  All in means being uncomfortable and inconvenienced.  All in means following what Jesus actually taught – knowing that what we taught doesn’t match up with either major political party and usually is in conflict with both parties over a variety of things.  All in means following a Gospel that is in conflict with the empires of the world – empires are things that make demands on people for their loyalty and allegiance and offer nothing in return.  All in means being counter cultural at times.  All in means speaking up when necessary – even at the expense of ridicule, anger by others, and people pushing you away.

All in also means experiencing the fullness of who Jesus really is – the Savior who comes to save us.  All in means experiencing death and resurrection.  All in means seeing the world differently.

Are you all in?  Because Jesus was all in for you and for all of creation.