I’m sure by now you have seen stories about a televangelist who supposedly heard Jesus tell him that he needed a fourth jet to add to his collection – one that costs $54 million.  He already had the trinity worth of jets, this one must be in honor of Paul.

At any rate, it got me thinking about what I would do with $54 million.  I certainly wouldn’t waste it on a fourth jet.

No, instead, I would use it for ministry.  There’s an abandoned hotel – Hotel Carlisle – down on the Carlisle Pike, just past I-81.  It’s a large property that sits with a deteriorating hotel.  I’d buy it, level it to the ground and build a village of tiny homes for the homeless.  There would be plenty of room for a community center complete with separate shower facilities, laundry, and a community kitchen.  There would be plenty of money to hired the professionals needed to work with these folks too – social workers, medical professionals, etc.  And I would create the space for the residents of the community to be able to open businesses too, if they felt so inclined.

$54 million wouldn’t even be needed for all of that.

The point is, this is a big dream – one that would have a major impact on the lives of many.  This would be a huge sign that the Miracle Mile is where miracles are happening.

In the middle of this community of tiny homes, I’d build a modest church for people to worship in, but it wouldn’t be the typical structure.  It would be a worship space that could accommodate many different worship styles – dinner church, traditional worship, taize, etc.  You name it.  It would be an innovative worship space – a place to try things out because this would be a ministry with people where innovation was important.

Additionally, I would create a mission hub – a place to learn about homelessness.  Think of it as Homeless University.  The people who live there would help educate those of us who have never been homeless.  We’d hear from them of what the needs really are, how people survive, the networks that are created.  It would be a lab to test theories and ideas out about how to eliminate homelessness.  It would be a place for debate and conversation.  It would be a resource hub of information.  It would be a mission hub where new mission to other homeless communities could be launched and where these new missions could draw on support.

Imagine what could be done with $54 million.

That’s what I would do with $54 million.  I’d dream big and then carry it out.

Anyone got a few extra million sitting around and you don’t know what to do with it?

Let’s change the world.  Let’s get uncomfortable.  Let’s believe in miracles.  Let’s participate in the unfolding of the kingdom.